Everything is close by

The location of The Yellow Cabin gives you vicinity to both forest and sea, yet its just a short bike ride from Piteå city center. So no matter if you are a city stroller or nature lover you will enjoy your stay here.

The four Swedish seasons change our landscape drastically which gives you a variety of things to enjoy depending on which time of the year you plan your visit.

Hiking is something that could be carried out all year round and there are beautiful fracks just around the corner.

If you are into wildlife you have a good chance of spotting moose, reindeers, deers, hares, squirrels, hedgehogs and plenty of birds. Peter is an ornithologist so if you are interested you can take part when he is spotting birds or banding them during spring and autumn.

Kristina has another hobby, silk ribbon embroidery, that she learned in Tanzania in 2005. Today she has her own company, Creative Embroidery of Sweden, where she imports and sell materials from South Africa and arrange workshops to teach the technique. So if you are interested in handicraft, she is the one you should contact.


Tips on activities


  • Enjoy the nordic light just outside the window of the cabin

  • Ski and skate tracks that starts close by the cabin

  • Go on a dog sledge tour


  • Rent a snow mobile to discover the surroundings

  • “Pimpla” - go icefishing for sea bass

  • Take part in bird banding with the host Peter



  • Picking berries like; lingonberries, blueberries, cloudberries and artic bramble

  • Picking mushrooms like; porcini and chanterelles

  • Enjoy a hike in the nearby Fårön friluftsområde

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